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Hotel Guidi with the surrounding houses was know as "Appalto Vecchio" ("Old Farming") already before the Second World War. The Hotel, originally a double floor mew, was built in 1929/30 and after few months it was in business.

The new equipment and comforts made Hotel Guidi the most known and refined hotel around the area.For that time having cold and hot tap water in every room and bathrooms in every floor were modern luxuries.

Moreover trims, stuccoed ceilings and furniture were in line with what upper class society and aristocracy asked for at that time.During the Second World War, San Momme' also suffered war consequences with the presence of german soldiers who were there for keeping under surveillance the Gothic Line (which laid on the north side of the village) and for controlling the Porrettana railway and its traffic which was strategically important both for war economy and connections with North Italy.

In that period the Hotel was confiscated by the german command and became the SS headquarters.

At the beginning of '45 german officers planned the strategy for their retreat undermining the Hotel and all "Appalto Vecchio".When german troops had to live the area, they detonated the mines and of the Hotel just the south and part of the west facade were left standing.


With plenty of adversities in '46 reconstruction started and in '47 the Hotel was back in business.

Until 1968, Hotel Guidi, was the only hotel present in this land and its popularity had increased constantly after the war.

At that time people used to go at Hotel Guidi for dancing, enjoying music played by Marino Manchini (important local musician of that time) and especially for forgetting about war and moving on.

It started like this what now we define " weekend tourism ".

Hotel Guidi has made the history of touristic business not only around Pistoia but also in Bologna, Florence and Prato; its famous guests included VIP from show-biz, sport, politics and industry who were hosted by Cav. Guidi, owner and manager of the Hotel.

Today Hotel Guidi is still owned by his family which has followed his steps in touristic business.

freely adapted from "San Momme', una storia" by Don Antonio Turchi

This website id dedicated to Luigi Guidi and Ausilia Gaggioli because with their love and dedication made the history of this hotel.



Albergo Guidi - Via San Mommè alla Collina, n°45 - 51100 - San Mommè, Pistoia ( Toscana, Italia )- p.i.  00449380476